About the developer

A little background

For the past four years, I have been passionate about Android and mobile development in general. In late September 2017, I joined the ranks of the Google certified Associate Android Developers. This is a recognised certification that follows and sets explicit guidelines on what you need to know in order to meet the strict criteria to be an Android developer in today’s modern mobile development industry.

Prior to this, I have spent much of my time working with the Linux platform and web development in general, working with technologies such as HTML, PHP, Mysql, Javascript, Python and more. I have in the past, also worked within the realms of graphic design and I.T support.

Passionate about software

More importantly, I have been extremely passionate about software development for many years which has recently enabled me to smoothly make the transition to the newly developed Kotlin language. Its scope and potential for writing better code and making better quality Android apps in general, is huge and marks a possible turning point in future mobile app development with the Android platform.

Quality comes as standard

I work with the best tools and listen closely to my customer requirements in order to build the best solution possible, at a highly competitive price. I only work with native code with Android Studio and the very latest tools and development libraries to bring you the best quality user experience possible.